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BlanX for the protection of the Arctic

We support research
by The Arctic Institute
and Polarquest

In order to actively safeguard the arctic world, we joined forces with a team of researchers and scientists - Polarquest - and a group of analysts and communicators - The Arctic Institute.

BlanX wants to protect the territories it comes from and does so by supporting two non-profit organisations in the analysis of the environment and of pollution from residual microplastics.

Theaim is create content and research regarding the safeguard ofthe Arctic region, the issue of microplastics and to take part in theArctic Circle Assembly that will be held in Reykjavik in October 2021.

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The Arctic is an essential environment for maintaining the planet’s environmental and climatic balance. The surface of the glaciers reflects 80% of the sun's heat back into the atmosphere, slowing ocean warming.
The last 30 years have seen an unprecedented acceleration in ice melting:

  • 28 trillion tonnes of ice have been lost, corresponding to 1,300 billion tonnes annually
  • The melting rate has increased by 65%
  • Iceland has lost 800 km of its ice since 1999

Paola Catapano's team on board Best Explorer

A team of 12 scientists led by Captain Paola Catapano, an Arctic reporter and CERN member, will set sail aboard the sailing ship Best Explorer on a research mission to explore the area.