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Protects the whiteness of smiles and of the planet

Happy birthday BlanX !!!

For 30 years BlanX has been giving the whitest, brightest smiles with Nature.


To mark this anniversary, BlanX wants to try and give back to Nature some of the whiteness it has given us, protecting and safeguarding an environment that is as precious as it is endangered: the Arctic, the land where the lichens that have always made our toothpastes unique and effective come from.


An endangered

The last 30 years have seen an unprecedented acceleration of ice melting, triggered by the warming of the atmosphere and oceans. The consequence of global warming is an increase in extreme weather phenomena that affect the entire balance of life on Earth.

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Blanx  Save the white

In order to actively safeguard the Arctic world, BlanX supports the research activities of The Arctic Institute and Polarquest.
Through this joining of forces, environmental DNA samples will be studied, microplastics and macroplastics will be collected and analysed. With the help of drones and artificial intelligence, new paths, bathymetric data and new routes will be studied. A sustainable boat will travel on these routes and will approach the polar ice shelves to study their profile and changes over time. The research and proposed solutions that will come outduring the year will be disclosed at the Arctic Circle Assembly that is the largestannual international conference on the Arctic, attended each year by morethan 2000 participants (mostly researchers and scientists but also politiciansand businesspeople). The Arctic Circle Assembly is held every October at theHarpa Conference Center and Concert Hall in Reykjavík, Iceland.The research and proposed solutions that will come out during the year will be disclosed at the Arctic Council in Reykjavik, the most important intergovernmental forum for the preservation of the Arctic.


Team of researchers and scientists studying environmental issues in the Arctic. Experienced explorers with a passion for the Arctic Ocean and its conservation, led by Paola Catapano, Arctic reporter and CERN member, will sail aboard the sailing ship Best Explorer. This special vessel, a 51' cutter, was the second to circumnavigate the Arctic in a clockwise direction, and is equipped with the most innovative technology for exploration in the most remote areas of the planet. Led by skipper Nanni Acquarone, it will host 12 experts and scientists for field research.


An independent, international, non-profit organisation working to protect the Arctic in a comprehensive and innovative way. Their objectives include providing data, analyses and recommendations to policy makers, researchers and the public on the environmental, human and security challenges of the Arctic. 2021 is the twentieth anniversary of their founding, one more opportunity to celebrate with BlanX@ and maximise their commitment to safeguarding the planet with concrete actions in the Arctic.