BlanX Black Charcoal Whitening 75ml


BlanX Coco White

BlanX Coco White 75ml is an ideal proposition for lovers of white smile who value the power of the best ingredients united in a unique tandem.


The perfect composition of arctic lichen and 100% natural coconut oil is a perfect blend of natural ingredients that do not irritate, and in addition coconut oil provides pleasant relief for the gums. The synergy effect of opposing elements - ingredients from hot tropics and Arctic lichens enclosed in one tube, which draw their strength from the benefits of nature. This is a perfect paste for everyday use, for everyone who, in addition to a white smile, prefers a fresh, delicate mint-coconut flavor.

Coconut oil white for sensitive gums:
• A special combination of coconut oil and Arctic lichen provides a natural and lasting effect of strong whitening
• Coconut oil, thanks to its detoxifying properties, soothes and protects gums that are inflamed
• Works on bacterial plaque and protects mucous membranes, providing a prolonged detoxifying effect
• Fresh and delicate, sweet, mint-coconut flavor provides pleasant relief for irritated gums