BlanX Black Charcoal Whitening 75ml


BlanX Black

BlanX Black Charcoal Whitening 75ml is an everyday toothpaste with deep stain removal and intense whitening action from the first use.


The 100% natural activated Charcoal eliminates plaque and impurities, with strong absorbent properties to bind to stains and toxins in the mouth to whiten teeth and freshen breath.

Developed through research BlanX PRO is a new non-abrasive toothpaste which combines whitening and antibacterial properties to return your smile to it’s natural white shine.

The unique combination of Arctic Lichens, non-abrasive Silicas and 100% Natural Activated Charocla  work together to protect and re-mineralise the enamel, counteracting plaque, dental yellowing and bacteria which can cause tartar and tooth decay.

BlanX Black Charcoal Whitenign is suitable to use everyday to whiten your teeth but is peroxide free to protect your tooth enamel.