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Proven whitening effects


Instrumental clinical studies on volunteers, under medical supervision, within just 30 days confirmed the effectiveness of BlanX toothpaste in reducing teeth stains and increasing the degree of whiteness compared with a control group.


Low abrasiveness

A good whitening toothpaste has the ability to become a customary hygiene tool which can be used long-term and guarantees a high toleration rate that is biocompatible for both the teeth and the gingival mucosa. 

BlanX toothpaste is formulated with a calibrated blend of high-quality silica, with a particular granulomere that at the same time allow thorough cleansing and optimal respect for tooth enamel, with a low RDA. 

Proven whitening effects

Gum protection

An in vitro test on human gum cells, helped compare the absence of irritation by BlanX toothpaste and the optimal biocompatibility with gingival cells. Optimal tolerance was confirmed by clinical tests made on two groups of volunteers for 7 days: the oral hygiene treatment with BlanX Classic toothpaste + BlanX Mouthwash brought a reduction of gingival inflammation index (GI) by 79% by the end of treatment, compared with 26.19% using the placebo (tooth brushing with placebo and rinsing with water).

BlanX toothpaste protects the tooth using several actions:

  1. thanks to the anti-plaque and bacteriostatic effect
  2. thanks to the gentle, deep yet non-abrasive cleansing
  3. thanks to the high bioavailability and protective action on gingival mucosa.

Ease of use

Tests completed with volunteers proved how exceptional the BlanX formula are making the experience easy and pleasant for the consumer creating long lasting fresh breath whilst giving the tooth surface a smooth and shiny exterior and invigorated and health gums. The reduction of bacterial plaque between brushing is such that is prevents the formation of unpleasant odours and the inhibition of bacterial adhesions  as well as preventing new plague forming. 


Anti-bacterial action

The results of in vitro tests have demonstrated the reduction of the total bacterial load after oral hygiene treatment with BlanX Classic toothpaste + BlanX Mouthwash, compared with a placebo treatment (tooth brushing with placebo and rinsing with water) made on two groups of volunteers for 2  days.


Light on white

The conditions:

BlanX White Shock toothpaste works thanks to inorganic photocatalytic-oxides that build up on teeth during the normal cleaning of the teeth. The ActiluX® (inorganic photocatalytic oxides) remains active all daylong creating an invisible and protective barrier that helps prevent new stains forming whilst helping to remove current stains.

The more light the formula receives during the day, the more intense the whitening action is. 



The survey examined 60 subjects between 20 and 50 years old divided into 3 groups


Evaluation of the effectiveness of the toothpaste under the dentist lamp (single 20-minute session)


Evaluation of effectiveness of toothpaste under sunlight (monthly cycle)


Evaluation of effectiveness of toothpaste under light LED BlanX (single session) 




The treatment with BlanX LED light is the most effective, it is possible to obtain a whiteness improvement up to 3-4 tones starting from initial colour. The effectiveness is immediate after a treatment of only 20 minutes. Monthly treatment during which the toothpaste is activated by natural light gave a positive result. The whiteness is gradual, but visible. The treatment under a dentist lamp did not perform as well as the BlanX LED test, because the dentist lamp have an inefficient light wavelength.